The Geostationary Defense and Strategic Communications Satellite (SGDC) is the only satellite in the Ka band to cover the whole of Brazil

The SGDC is an extremely advanced and indispensable satellite that will use the high capacity of the Ka band to expand the broadband offer to the most remote areas in Brazil with an Internet of quality. It will uphold national defense and sovereignty and enhance the operational capacity of the Armed Forces, operating in the X-band. The SGDC is one of the largest telecommunications projects in Brazil in the last 20 years, and it will change the lives of all Brazilians, fostering a connected country not only with technology, education, health, public services and knowledge, but also with citizenship, equality and social justice. This is Telebras.

Conecting Brazil

Telecomunicações Brasileiras S.A. (Telebras) is a strategic provider of telecommunications infrastructure solutions for communication between government agencies, private companies and non-governmental organizations. It acts as an agent of national development, fostering a more democratic access to information. Its 22,000 kilometers of backbone form a modern terrestrial network with the latest technology. It reaches the remotest places, reducing the cost of connection, promoting technological innovation, as well as social and digital inclusion.

The Brazilian Satellite

The SGDC is a pivotal state-run project with two main objectives: to provide secure communications for national defense system and strategic communications within the Government and to promote social and economic development in the country by ensuring connectivity to all Brazilians through massive broadband. The SGDC marks a historic moment in the country. It is the first Brazilian satellite dedicated to high-speed and quality data transmission in the Ka band, covering the entire national territory and the Blue Amazon.

Transfer and Flow of Knowledge and Technology

Through a bilateral agreement with France, Telebras and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) have set in motion a plan to absorb and transfer technical knowledge for the development of the Brazilian space program. More than 100 Brazilian specialists followed the entire process of assembling the SGDC in Cannes and Toulouse, France. They are professionals of Telebras, Visiona (a joint venture between Telebras and Embraer) and governmental bodies such as the Ministry of Defense, AEB and the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications (MCTIC). Five Brazilian companies signed an economic grant contract with the Financing Agency for Studies and Projects (Finep), and are already benefiting from the technology transfer agreement as a direct result of the SGDC Project. These companies will work in the areas of propulsion, power and solar panels, thermal control, high stability mechanical structures based on carbon fiber, and on FPGA and ASIC components for embedded space applications.

High Certification

On August 2016, the design of Telebras' main Space Operations Center (COPE), which will house one of the Data Centers for the operation of the Brazilian satellite in Brasilia, was granted TIER IV certification from the Uptime Institute in Seattle, USA. The TIER IV rating is the highest level of availability and reliability that a datacenter can provide in a mission-critical facility. It is known as Fault Tolerant, which makes the site immune to any infrastructure shutdown. Telebras is the first telecommunications company from Brazil to earn such certification.

The SGDC marks a historic moment in the country

More than 100 Brazilian specialists followed the assembly process in France

The future Space Operations Center in Brasilia

Our Coverage

Brazil’s territory covers an area of 8.5 million square kilometers. The SGDC’s high-capacity Ka band reaches way beyond that, for a total coverage of up to 10.6 million square kilometers. This means extending the offer of high-speed, secure, reliable and mobile broadband to the entire national territory of Brazil and the Blue Amazon, including its most remote corners.

Service Features

Total capacity of 60 Gbit/s
99.5% guaranteed annual availability
Access speed of up to 100 Mbit/s
Five Communication stations
Two Space Operation Centers (Brasilia e Rio de Janeiro)

Benefits of the Satellite


It will enable high connectivity of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) located in the interior of the country and basic and secondary schools in rural areas and cities in the interior

Public Health and Hospital Management

It will allow hospitals and health areas of remote municipalities in the country to have access to Public Health and Hospital Management applications widely used in large centers.

Citizenship Services

In partnership with other public administration bodies, access to the Internet will be facilitated for easier operation of federal revenue service, issuance of passports, private pension and other services.

National Security

In addition to the exclusive capacity for the Armed Forces in the X-band, the satellite will be able to offer comprehensive surveillance coverage in Brazilian borders, including the remote military units by the Ka band.

Greater Security on Highways

Opportunity to connect checkpoints on Brazilian highways, allowing real-time access to expand road traffic control and monitoring systems.

Economic Development

Industries and commerce located in the interior or regions peripheral to large capitals will have high capacity of communication infrastructure and, with this, will enhance national competitiveness and economic development.

Banking System

It will make feasible connectivity solutions for banks and their respective self-service terminals in national territory.


Large and medium productive rural properties will be able to rely on satellite service for infrastructure and expansion of the use of precision agriculture technologies.

Blue Amazon

Oil platforms, research and defense centers located on islands along 200 nautical miles will have ample possibility of connectivity.

Smart Cities

It will make it easier to connect smart devices to the cloud (IoT and M2M) in an isonomic way in the national territory and will facilitate the interconnection of secretariats and public services, contributing to the viability of Smart Cities in several Brazilian municipalities.

Universal Access to the Internet

With coverage in 100% of the country, the satellite will be a great opportunity for mobile operators to boost their backhaul and customer service with 3G, 4G and, in the future, 5G technologies.

Social Wi-Fi

The SGDC, associated with the terrestrial network, significantly broadens the opportunity for the municipalities to install Wi-Fi Social, that is, a local wireless network for public use and free by citizens.

Public Security

The satellite opens up a range of new opportunities to enhance citizen security, streamlining accesses to public surveillance cameras, and contributing to new solutions for police forces through technology.

Monitoring and Forecasting of Natural Events

In addition to Internet access services, civil defense agencies can connect monitoring sensors and obtain information in real time that will ensure greater security in the prevention of natural events.

Partnership with ISPs

It will allow Telebras to promote partnerships with small and medium Internet service providers (ISPs) for connection sales and, consequently, will contribute to the development of the neediest regions and to the inclusion of new citizens in the national territory.

Have you realized the benefits of the SGDC for public policies, security, education and various business segments in the market?


The Brazilian satellite has been planned to provide the right capacity for high-speed connectivity infrastructure for government agencies, companies, providers and non-governmental organizations. Take advantage of the opportunities and facilities we offer. After all, when it comes to technology the Government and the business world deserve the best.

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